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Post by Creatrick on Tue Oct 30, 2018 12:07 am

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Post by Spartacus on Sun Jul 21, 2019 1:19 pm

Prague, Czech Republic

I got to get on with my life, stop looking at the past - with what I feel.

Got settled into a new place working for the local police in Prague, really comfortable, ha yeah right. All I do now is bust some dumbass who robs a house, or maybe even if I am lucky a crack a murder but, nah they aren't like the guys I use to deal with.

Now all I can do is stay up late, looking through the news, getting a more clouded mind - more clouded even after taking all those painkillers. Even after boozing around, I still can't even find a motivation to clean my own fucking cube of an apartment, god how did my life get down this low, I always said I would never get to this place but well - here I am. And well I wasn't doing myself any favours, I kept drinking the same shit, day in and day out. Taking painkillers and whatever else to just feel something less then my shitty existence, I would work more, but only if there was something half interesting to even do - instead I traded high life, for this shit. Maybe I lost my self-respect, maybe I lost just my humanity - maybe it was from a long time ago, or maybe I am just now a washed up fuck, who knows.

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Each day I think of my jobs I did, the things I have seen, mass graves, people suffering, military generals lying about their shit, politicians getting rich of some poor farmers they just rolled their tanks in too kill. Those were the days of purpose for me I guess, but also when I had everyone - now all of them are died, my wife died on the job when in the Balkans. My closest friend died in Bosnia when those fucking bastards invaded for a second time, killed by a scud attack. Was trying to get into Visegrad to find out what was going on there, but of course he dies and the media plays the war out like it was a regular day, of course they picked their sides. But he died for nothing, then you got Turkey - what a fucking mess, I am surprised it didn't start a world war, zealots from both sides battling over the Hagia Sofia, the Balkan guys back for more killing, and the Romans in there to just slaughter everyone, Jesus, would have been a great job. Had I landed it, I would have hopefully done something with my life there, instead I couldn't even get in - UN picked my brother instead, and instead he died in that UN refugee camp attack. The Order those fuckers, attacking a refugee camp just because they also had military in the area, the Romans didn't do any better, burning people alive waiting for evac, it was a warcrimes playday, and I wasn't even there

Instead now I get drunk, take pills till I look like what I always hated and read the news, how great. Well let's hope I can do something better than this before my liver gives out, a new start.

Storytelling Thread I Idod_v11

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Post by Creatrick on Sat Jul 27, 2019 1:50 am


Somewhere in Denizli military district...

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Radio - "...and you're listening to Radio Attaleia. The studio clock shows 14:10 which means it's time for Anatolian news bulletin. Here are today's news from eastern ERR. A big air raid was launched by Republican Air forces today, targeting heretic rebel strongholds along the DMZ. Multiple strategic bombers made several bombing runs, dealing a lot of damage to the enemy. Bodycount is still unknown. Chief spokesperson of ERR air forces mentioned, that similar attacks will also be launched in near future until the very last of Anatolian turk rebel lies dead..."

Corporal Dante Avalos - By the heaven, it's been a while since I saw a big bombing run myself.

Storytelling Thread I F293cc

Private Matias Mccann - You think it will all end in like few years?

Corporal Dante Avalos - End? The fighting around Anatolia? Heh, hard to say. We pursue and kill them, they return with more weaponry and people.

Private Matias Mccann - I fear we will never convert these people to our cause then. It's clear they will continue secretly supporting the bandits.

Corporal Dante Avalos - You should be more optimistic brother. I have faith in our Pontiff and his efforts. Do you remember the last mass? I have never seen so many happy original locals there.

Private Matias Mccann - Perhaps, perhaps. But who knows what they really think...

A couple of minutes later, the lead vehicle is blasted apart by a powerful IED...

Storytelling Thread I C708891c71b8

Corporal Dante Avalos - What in the hell?! Hold on!!

Private Matias Mccann - It's IED!! Don't stop, keep driving!!

The shocking explosion sent the burning wreck flying to the side of the road. Corporal manages to stray frosty and speed the truck through the flaming road and prevent the convoy from getting trapped...

Storytelling Thread I 70d1173716f6

Hovewer, the BRDM of the convoy refuses to keep going and zeroes in on armed assailants who just emerged from thick vegetation along the roadside cliffs...

Storytelling Thread I 7202c78fffe8

Private Matias Mccann - Guys, do not stop!! This is ambush, keep going!! We need to get of here!!

BRDM commander CPL Gerald Tapia - Negative, you keep going. We can see them in bushes up there!

BRDM gunner PVT Bhavik Oliver
- Bandits! 2 o'clock, opening fire!

Storytelling Thread I Bf1edfd8c016

Rebel fighter 1 - Hit the dirt!

Rebel fighter 2 - What the fuck just happened?! RPG that cunt!! NOW!!

BRDM's crew decision to fight the assailants quickly proves to be a final mistake...

Storytelling Thread I F12561009b46

Meanwhile, 450 meters ahead of the supply truck...

Storytelling Thread I 7d2bbc4ed1a0

??? - Plan B Hamza, shoot the driver. It all rests on you now.

Hamza - Too easy...

Storytelling Thread I Dcdb2f2c4

Corporal Dante Avalos - *UGH!*

Private Matias Mccann - Corpora...

With driver dead, truck swerves into ditch and the convoy is gone...

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Storytelling Thread I 32472b0eea1

Private Matias Mccann - *cough* bastards... well, fucking mess... *cough*

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Private Matias Mccann - A simple trip... Just a short resupply... *cough*

*Shouting and chatter behind is heard*

Private Matias Mccann - Hmm? Ah... here you are...

A big group of rebels start approaching from the back, their red arm bandanas shining from far away through the haze. A clear giveaway - it's the Anatolian freedom fighters. Matias realizes that he has only moments to live and decides to make one final act of heroism...

Storytelling Thread I Ab460d9b8

Private Matias Mccann - Oh it's the munitions you want? You can forget that you... *cough* RATS!!

*He pulls out incendiary grenade*

Storytelling Thread I 4f6273f901a6

Private Matias Mccann - Heaven calls my name! Deus Vult!

Storytelling Thread I 27c597589492


Storytelling Thread I 81c43a1e8ea3

Umran - ...Fucking die!! You fucking bastard!!

Rebel fighter 1 - Umran! No...

Rebel fighter 2 - Now it's really lost, we could have taken him captive.

Umran - It's all fucking screwed! That bastard. So much planning... Can't believe he had his last laugh...

Rebel fighter 1 - Well shit, loot what you can from him and let's get out of here. Dogs will arrive here quick.


*Few minutes later, a radio conversation between rebel fighter and their commander*

Rebel fighter - Sir, this is Kadir. The mission was... a failure.

??? - ............. a failure? What? How?!

Rebel fighter - One survivor destroyed the cargo before we could stop him. Umran killed him in rage. We could not stop him from doing that either.

??? - Understood Kadir, we can't do anything to revert this. Let's not be too hard on ourselves... And Umran... Tell him to come to me at once once you return. Understood?

Rebel fighter - Pity sir, and yes, I will. Kadir out.

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