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Post by Creatrick on Tue Oct 30, 2018 12:07 am

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Please consult the introduction page before first posting! Be sure to read wiki to gain lore and information about respective factions!

Active players:

Creatrick - Divine Order of Christ's Blood.

Spartacus - Eastern Roman Republic (ERR), Provincial Dacian Republic (PDR).

fbiswatguy - Democratic Republic of Kergikstan.

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Post by Spartacus on Fri Nov 02, 2018 4:04 am


The Eastern Roman Republic

Capital: Adrianople (Edirne, Turkey)

Head of State: Lusius Quinctilius Varius (Consul)


In Northern Turkey, a nation rebuilds after a bloody civil war. Decades of Turkish suppression of the ethnic Thracian and Dacian population would form a new bloc that would shake Europe for years to come.

In 1989 the newly formed nation of the Eastern Roman Republic formed out of the detestation of war, and the suffering it had endured for decades and even centuries from the their Turkish oppressors. Their horrors began long before many nations were created, after the fall of the Byzantium Empire they came under the occupation of the Ottoman Turks - till the 1950's Turkey ruled over the Thracians and Dacians brutally, but in 1953 a nationalist coup occurred ousting the Kemalist government in power, and imposed harsher discriminatory policies for the Dacian and Thracian populations. This would spark a massive uprising, eventually being called "The First Roman Uprising"

The U.N failed to respond due to other troubles during the Korean War, however eventually a democratic government would replace the Turkish Junta - but nonetheless the united Dacians and Thracians would never forget the crimes the Turks committed.

This would lead to the Second Roman Uprising in 1981, or most notably called; "The Roman Separatist Movement", due to the weak democratic government - the united Roman people would take much land and even battle over Istanbul, however during mid-point in the war another Junta takes over Turkey. However, this time it is led by a Anti-Roman Kemalist group.

Eventually countries would support the cause of the Romans, the Greeks were the first to supply them, later Spain. The war would lead into 1985, where in the last months - arms from Hungary and Yugoslavia would eventually reach the Romans, helping them take back their land.

Near the end of the war in late 1987, a fringe group broke off from the main separatist movement, the Filii Caesar (FC) became a large extremist wing of the Roman movement - with many inside the Roman Separatist leadership wanting to distance themselves from the extreme ultranationalists. The group would still be supported behind closed doors and in later years, even armed by the Romans. However, their actions are widely condemned; from ethnic cleansing, arms smuggling, and terrorist activities abroad - since the war they have been watched and monitored by the EU and UN, with their scattered sleeper cells being hunted.

But in late 1987 The Great Schism occurred splitting the Dacians and Thracians apart, the differences of the two people's would eventually catch up with them. The Dacians feeling it was rightfully their place to rule a new Rome wanted to take the power solely for themselves, however the less extreme Thracians disagreed - infighting would start and in early 1990 the Dacian's would move north wards toward their historical homeland in Northern Bulgaria, Southern Romania and Eastern Serbia. They would fight longer and carve out what is now the Provincial Dacian Republic, while the Thracians would keep their land in Northern Turkey known as the Eastern Roman Republic.

Main Role-Playing Thread I Vlod_210
Early Roman Separatists fighting Turkish troops somewhere in Northern Turkey, circa 1982.


Today the ERR is a very different nation it was in the late 80's early 90's. The government was reformed, with the ideology. The nation grew economically and led one of the most brutal wars in recent memory against their historical enemy - Turkey.

With the war in Turkey ended, the ERR regime under the rule of the Senate became corrupt and weak, senators would back-channel delaying state progress, along with their direction that led to more deaths in the early days of the war than needed to happen. Protests of the left were open in the streets and many felt the tension, once Titus Julius Scipio - long running consul was assassinated outside the Senate doors, the military knew action was needed. ERR Praetorian Guard's under the command of then Supreme Legatus; Lusius Quinctilius Varius led Armati Legions to the capital, crushing the leftists and then taking care of the Senate.

The military would clear street by street, dealing violent crowds and leftist anarchists who had disrupted the peace. When the forces got to the Senate - Lusius himself saw the breach of the council chambers, the senator's inside knew the situation was dire but could not escape, those who tried to fight were killed with ease. While the rest were tortured and put in front of a Party Tribunal. In the end the National Roman Party gained full and unquestionable control of the ERR, the old Senate was wiped out.

Main Role-Playing Thread I Esp-v711
Finis specialis seminarii Unit (Special Purpose Unit) Snipers, during the start of the coup, loyal troops to the Party would take up positions on roofs, those below would become the prey.

Main Role-Playing Thread I Esp-v712
Morning of the Coup, ERR Armati Legion moves into the Capital.

Weeks after the coup, the Frumentarii State Security hunted down remaining sympathizers and other political criminals of the Party, old Senate loyalists, Trade Unionists, Communists, Anarchists, the entire left. All were destroyed in the coming purge, there was nothing left by the end, the entire old left was destroyed. The one political body became the NRP and all it's members, by this time Lusius Quinctilius Varius became the new Consul and head of the Party.

Main Role-Playing Thread I Esp-v713
Lusius as newly appointed Consul of the ERR.

Main Role-Playing Thread I Idod_e10
Frumentarii State Security are extremely feared in the ERR, once the purges begain, many opposition forces were hunted down in their sleep.

With the war in Turkey over, a large part of the population became under the flag of the ERR. However, many saw the devastation of the war, including the massacres and extremism that the Romans showed. Witnessing this, the population naturally became distasteful of the new government in power, reverting to an insurgency, this would spread to the Order's enclave - where the insurgency was swiftly put down. In ERR lands however it took more time, but in the end - harsh laws were imposed on the new lands, the insurgents were slaughtered, and again the war in some cases continued. But a few months before the present day, the insurgency was crushed in totally leaving the remainder population in fear, to not oppose their new leaders.

Main Role-Playing Thread I Idod_e11
ERR crushed the insurgency but it felt like a continuation of the war for some.

The ERR has gone through over three years of suffering in itself, the war and then insurgency. It was a struggle for the common man, thankfully due to the end of the insurgency, the Party began sweeping economic and infrastructure reforms boosting the economy so slightly. The Order's contributions are significant however, with their free economic zones, ERR business can freely access the world market where they can generate large deals and trade. While this happens, civically the common citizen is now enjoying lighter restrictions as wartime laws are slow pulled back, so citizens can return to pre-war lives. This is a steady and improving time for the nation and the whole ATO as a whole, trade deals among the alliance also helps the growing economy, including large arms deals. The question is for some now is, will this peace last in this unstable world.

Main Role-Playing Thread I Idod_e12
Rebuilding of cities and towns are underway, in newly occupied lands - including the large hub for the ERR, Constantinople.

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Post by Spartacus on Sun Nov 25, 2018 7:04 am

Usak Regiom, Eastern Roman Republic

The war took its toll on many regions in Turkey, but some were more affected then most - areas depopulated from the ethnic cleansing campaign waged by the Filii Caesar ruined the central western areas of Turkey. Destabilize settled in when the law faded from those lands, criminals could rampage on what was left, but even so there was few of them, as the FC themselves left no one alive after each village or town cleansing. With this sort of devastation and lawlessness, came the shortages of every sort of supply, and basic need, even clean water was harder to get overtime.

Main Role-Playing Thread I Esp_1710
FC forces traveling through the night, circa 2017 during the war.

But larger populated centers that became captured later on by the ERR Legions would soon later revolt, insurgencies became common place, with many different groups from Turkish nationalists to Jihadis. Soon after the rapid growth of these insurgencies spreading, the ERR's local Legions began sweeping anti-insurgency operations. Many civilians felt like the war continued and never ended, supplies were often only found in larger cities, and military forces would besiege nearby towns daily, with many coming under constant rocket fire - a favorite tactic used by the Legion's artillery divisions.

Main Role-Playing Thread I Idod_e13[/url]
A ERR MT-LB armed with Russian S-8 rockets, firing into a nearby valley during a clean sweep operation.

With many insurgent groups already been destroyed since the war ended, many still remain - more so radical groups whom get support externally. It is likely they will be a thorn in the side of the ERR for a while yet. But recent operations had crippled many of the nationalist groups who had no outside help besides a few weapon drops by PMC forces who also are no longer able to supply the insurgents. The Legion's recently just executed Operation "Fronte Montem" or Mountain Front, which has eliminated nationalist strongholds in the larger towns between Izmir and Usak. But with the resistance between the coast and the inner lands pacified, there is still the more mountainous regions to the south and east that are under Jihadi influence, and which the Legions along with the Order's assistance will have to clear in the coming weeks and months ahead.

Main Role-Playing Thread I Idod_e14
ERR Officer and Spotter, during Operation Mountain Front, circa October 2018.

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Post by fbiswatguy on Sun Nov 25, 2018 7:43 am

Democratic republic of Kergikstan
Head Of state: President Murat Kapanev

In 1995, The now former territories of kahzakstan declared Independence from it's father country after it just declared independence after it disagreements with its govner's, over oil and drilling concessions after an newly discovered Oil site was found in the caspian sea. in December 2nd 1995 the kahzakstan goverment, claimed that the Newly formed Democratic republic of kergikstan, Is an illegal state and requested an economic embargo with the UN, Russia and Kahzakstan declares embargo on Democratic republic of kergikstan.

In December 20th of 1995 With the trade embargo clearly not working and the fact is trading its oil resources to make Russia to lift the ban resulted in Kahzakstan funding an rebellion movement and in the 21st december, the first shots were fired and the civil war started. Kergikstan at the time had not much formal army as they were preparing to make one had quickly made the Democratic republic of kergikstan Defence force Emphizing on Defensive operations to push the rebels out of various states of kergikstan. however many political parties of kergikstan funded their own paramilitaries to help the defense force, from the People Army of kergikstan from the Communists, and the Kergikstanis brotherhood militia from the National socialism party and many others. Russia who kahzakstan kept begging for assistance secretly Gave the rebels more russian equipment with T-72B's and T-80s fighting Kergikstani defense forces T-55 and T-34's.

In 1997 United states of america was looking for an new trade partner after saudi arabia's oil prices have been skyrocketing for some time, Seeing an chance to turn kergikstan into an trade partner and Pro american government, Sent in green berets and weapon supplies to help the Kergikstani's defense forces and militia fight the evergrowing rebel forces.

However In 1999 Is when kergikstani forces got the upperhand when deserting forces russian forces who came from soviet afgan war and stayed in kahzakstan secretly decided to finally help the kergikstani's and later in 2000 The decisive battle at atyrau which finally broke the rebellion and finally in 2001 After 9/11 The united nations stepped in and called an ceasefire between kergikstan and the rebel forces. Kergikstan declared victory over the Rebel forces of kahzakstan and while kahzakstan complained, The UN recognized the Republic as an legitimate state and now independece was fully Complete. and with that Kergikstan was now an major trading partner, trading its oil resources to em in exchange for military bases.

Main Role-Playing Thread I B8fe8f7a4fba
"Kergiktani Loyalist Forces in the now captured atyrau next dead Rebel soldiers."


Today While kergikstan still lives on as an republic they are now major oil dealer alongside Saudi arabia and an American major non nato ally, with kergikstan supporting NATO operations in Iraq and afganistan. However Bad blood with kergisktan and kahzakstan was still an thing with the two nations still at each other, with Kergikstan building an border fence and more troops stationed at the border resulted with threats with each other. and the recent ban of oil trade with kahzakstan made many people think that kahzakstan might, do lunch an suprise attack on the republic. resulting in more soldiers stationed at the border. and with the up-coming elections that have three communist leaders wanting open borders and an end to the republics relations to america and the one right-wing leader than ones isolationism and one that is indepent that both parties bully it's unknown whats the republics future.

Main Role-Playing Thread I 5ad4c72f
"Kergikstani soldier's stationed at the border of kahzakstan"

Main Role-Playing Thread I C2096eeb2b23
"Normal city life in most major cities in kergikstan"


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Post by Creatrick on Mon Dec 03, 2018 12:36 am

Divine Order of Christ's Blood

HQ location - Attaleia (formerly Antalya), Crusader State of Attaleia

Leaders - Grand Pontiff Hector Van Reyes, Augustin Holub

I think a mere month passed since the ceasefire was announced, right? Well, I can tell someone from their sect pulled some major strings in Adrianople. Yesterday we saw even more vehicles marked with Order's flag pass into the southern provinces. 15 cities are now occupied by crusaders. Perhaps they divided the territory between themselves or they are here because there was not enough time to relocate the forces away? Still, seems very wrong for Romans to almost completely abandon these parts and leave them to these zealots. What do you think is going to happen? I will keep monitoring, await my further reports... - transcript of anonymous voice message sent from Antalya, early 2018.


Shortly after the Roman-Turkish war ended in an uneasy ceasefire, several southern provinces conquered by the Coalition were overtaken by a militant army of Christians, calling themselves The Order of Christ's Blood.

A small force of extremist soldiers that joined ERR's side soon grew tenfold after victory at Istanbul, making it one of the most terrifying forces in modern world. The origins of this zealous Christian sect are still a great mystery for the majority of the world, though it's rare to find someone who did not hear about their military successes in Turkey and their sudden, implosive growth. Even more, the brutality of the "neo-crusaders" was documented well enough. Enough to make people fear, as unfortunately they are not a band of rag tag extremists as many like to assume... Especially now that they are confirmed to firmly hold a copious amount of land in ERR's sphere of influence.

Main Role-Playing Thread I 31ecc0f8c664
Official map of Order's territory. Called as "Holy Crusader State of Attaleia" by the crusaders themselves, the Order holds a significant land for their own purposes of spreading their ideology and growing their military power.

The unstable climate of current world allowed the unlikely to appear. Mere decades ago no such force would have arisen and gained traction so fast as The Order. The success of such expansion and rise of extremist Christianity today is attributed not only to poor state of world, but also to very competent personalities who managed to use the situation for their own gain.

One such man is the enigmatic Hector Van Reyes.

Dubbed "Grand Pontiff" by growing amount of followers, this man is a real mystery as little know his origins. Without doubt, Reyes is the most suited person to run such organization. Vatican itself has condemned the organization and it's leader numerous times, but the inactivity and the ease that Order spreads among the Christians worldwide proves how scarily effective as a leader Reyes is. Both feared and highly respected by crusaders and the followers of the sect, he is poised to cause great impact on world as The Order has finished entrenching itself and is about to start spreading their vile influence around the world...

Main Role-Playing Thread I B4fc3058b
Grand Pontiff Hector Van Reyes - the supreme leader and the supposed founder of Order of Christ's Blood. A mysterious yet highly charismatic man, he is described as having an eerily captivating aura around himself. These days, he resides in Attaleia where he oversees many projects regarding christianization of the newly Crusader State.

The first signs of Order's military appeared in late 2015 as first reports of "christian foreign militia" fighting against Bosnian forces spread throughout media outlets, though barely anyone paid attention as the short conflict between Bosnia and Roman states of ERR and PDR ended shortly. This was the first combat debut of relatively recently established fighting force that was about to grow into a formidable extremist army in years to come.

Pleased with the results of then 3000 men strong force, Reyes used his immense wealth gained from his several large business ventures and crime activities to further fund the military of the organization. Soon after, ERR declared war against Turkey, and the very first real crusade was announced after many long centuries...

Right now, the military forces of Order of Christ's Blood number more than 200 000 highly trained, well indoctrinated men, ready to wage war against any heretic and heathen. This army of modern crusaders is armed with modern armaments and trained using the experience of western military veterans. Among their ranks are experienced pilots and expert officers, most of who are veterans of ERR-Turkey war. But the real pride of the Order are monastic soldiers - men who pledged their lives to Christ and God and became monks. They are the absolute elite of Order's military and follow orders without questions, always executing them with great skill that their extreme devotion, training and equipment provide.

These days the soldiers of Order mainly fight rebels and bandits in rural provinces or are stationed in cities to prevent insurrections and keep the newly established order and laws in place.

Main Role-Playing Thread I 53c2a4a381d1
Military parades showcasing the growing power and devotion of the modern age crusaders are held from time to time in Attaleia. They are always recorded and spread around the world to attract more people into the organization. Training and combat footages are also widely popular, as they reveal how terrifyingly professional and well equipped these religious soldiers are - a stark contrast when compared to Islamic militias of Middle East.

A highly organised inner structure of Order places priests and clerics to ruling caste, with the Grand Pontiff at the head. Military and Inquisition (Order's own secret police, intelligence and espionage force) answer directly to the Ecclesiarchy - the council of most powerful bishops, led by Reyes. Before the acquisition of territory in ERR, this primary organ of government resided in Hector's old residence of Alcantara castle in Spain.  

As such, Ecclesiarchy now resides in Pontifical Palace in Attaleia. Previously an unfinished lavish residence of Turkish president, Order finished the construction of the complex and expanded it, turning it into a large walled off nerve center of the entire organization. It's massive visage looms over the oppressed city, adding to fear of citizens every morning as first rays of sun illuminate it...

Main Role-Playing Thread I 1410bea932b5
One of courtyards of the Pontifical Palace. Officials of Order, clients, dignitaries and other important people granted a rare opportunity to get inside mingle here under gentle Mediterranean sun. Grand Pontiff himself is rarely seen here together with other officials, as he prefers to meet guests inside halls of the palace.

Order now holds several big cities, though Antalya was chosen to be the capital of the Crusader State, as it's the largest and most well developed. As other urban areas of southern territories, Antalya suffered little damage during war, expect massive population reduction due to people fleeing the approaching Roman and Order armies.

A short insurrection followed the declaration of Crusader State, with rebels hoping to beat the smaller Order in comparison to giant army of ERR. It however, failed, and Antalya was renamed into Attaleia - an old version of name dating back to Byzantine times.

Dust settled in wartorn Anatolia, which in turn then attracted big numbers of Christian pilgrims, who were impressed by the victory ERR and Order achieved during their conquest. It is customary of many of them to arrive to Constantinople and visit the Hagia Sophia whose capture was the turning point in Order's popularity, and then make a long and perilous journey throughout holy sites dotted around the post-war wastes. The final destination of this pilgrimage is Attaleia. Once pilgrims reach the city, many renounce their old nationalities and become subjects of Order, either joining it's military or the work force that is busy reconstructing the sabotaged industries of the land.

Main Role-Playing Thread I 36fed3c849df
A group of pilgrims who survived the journey stop for a rest before arriving to the finish line of the pilgrimage. Respect and warm welcome awaits these people once they arrive near the gates of the city, but for now, they stop to pay respects to fallen brothers and sisters who perished before them on the route.

Attaleia is a massive city, home to 1 million people - both old natives and new residents who seek to join the Order. Reyes's plan for city was to divide it in sectors and turn it into a massive fortified capital of Crusader State. The plan is being followed diligently, with barriers set up to restrict some areas and get them ready for reconstruction according to the plan. Many old residents can only watch as their city is being sliced and separated in parts, many of whom require special passes to enter.

Civil obedience officers patrol the streets day and night, with large militant forces set up in many areas. New churches and various religious institutions are being built while Inquisition closely surveys the populace. An oppressive atmosphere lingers in air, slowly assimilating the populace into a mass of obedient followers of the sect. There shall be no dissent or heresy, as the forces of Christ are ready to strike down anyone who dares to resist the word of priests and Christ whose teachings these zealots are spreading in their fierce sermons...

Main Role-Playing Thread I 076ee27b900b
Fence inside Attaleia, separating restricted zone from civilian zone. Security forces patrol these areas 24/7 to prevent offenders and potential rebels from causing harm to the regime. Passing into the restricted zones requires official clearance passes which can only be granted to few important enough people in Attaleia.

Similar regime is enforced in other cities of Crusader State, as well as other territories the Order reigns over. Despite the ongoing insurrection in rural Attaleia, Order continues to gain power as many people flock under their banner.

Very soon, the militant word of Order shall start creeping to other parts of the world...

Deus Vult!

Main Role-Playing Thread I B7a552df6276
Venerate the Holy Father and His Son, and you shall be saved... Resist and sin, and you shall be destroyed...

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Post by Creatrick on Sat Jul 27, 2019 12:17 am

MAY 27, 2019



Main Role-Playing Thread I Bcc3d9a
Search and recovery team investigating the wreck of ammo supply truck

A deadly and well organized rebel attack took place at Denizli military district of Crusader state of Attaleia today. At 14:16 of local time, a band of rebels ambushed a small supply convoy headed for a local military outpost, destroying all 3 vehicles and killing all soldiers in convoy. It appears as the main goal of attack was to completely destroy the convoy, but survey teams are currently investigating the surrounding area and vehicle wrecks to determine if this is true. A corpse of soldier found nearby the burned ammo truck might suggest that the ammo the convoy was carrying was the main goal of rebels, but they were denied the opportunity to loot the ammo by that soldier who torched it before they could.

Military authorities of Order have seriously reacted to the attack, since Denizli military district was considered relatively safe before and the level of preparedness rebels had during the ambush suggest they will try to gain foothold in this strategic area.

- - - - - -
Quote from official eulogy for Faith Militant soldiers perished in the attack:

...General Office of Military administration expresses deep condolences to friends, comrades and families of these brave sons who perished in ruthless heretic attack earlier today:

CPL Gerald Tapia
CPL Dante Avalos
PVT Stanislaw Espinosa
PVT  Matias Mccann
PVT Bhavik Oliver
PVT Yosef Merdinzsky
PVT Arne Decimus

May their souls find rest in Heaven, for their service and faith were exemplary and worthy of respect...

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